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Our mission at Europe Trips is to provide visitors with detailed tourist information and travel guide for Europe as a travel destination itself, as well as for the particular European countries of Albania trips, Andorra trips, Austria trips, Belarus trips, Belgium trips, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria trips, Croatia trips, Cyprus trips, Czech Republic trips, Denmark trips, England trips (United Kingdom trips), Estonia trips, Faroe Islands trips, Finland trips, France trips, Germany trips, Greece trips, Hungary trips, Iceland trips, Ireland trips, Italy trips, Latvia trips, Liechtenstein trips, Lithuania trips (Lietuva trips), Luxembourg trips, Macedonia trips, Malta trips, Moldova trips, Monaco trips, Norway trips, Poland trips, Portugal trips, Romania trips, Russia trips, San Marino trips, Scotland trips, Serbia trips, Montenegro trips, Slovakia trips, Slovenia trips, Spain trips, Sweden trips, Switzerland trips, The Netherlands trips (Holland trips), Turkey trips, Ukraine trips.


Now we feature detailed tourist information and travel guide for these countries' best holiday resorts, cities, most popular attractions and places of interest. Hotel reservations for entire Europe (EU +), flight bookings, train tickets and passes - everything you need for your trip to Europe. Enjoy your vacation or business trip in Europe with Europe-Trips.Eu!


European Ski Resorts Snow Levels, Skiing Conditions and Weather Reports. Europe's Glacial Resorts Ski Season 2017 / 2018 Trips.

(updated 1st of January 2017)

Naturally, most of the ski destinations across Europe are now for the season. The weather is variable at the different areas, most of the lower destinations now offer very limited conditions, but the snow base is still in good shape at the higher slopes. Small amounts of snow fell over the western mountain areas of the Alps recently, and that's where the best skiing/snowboarding is being found.

FRANCE: Les Duex Alpes (75 cm; 21 lifts running) is the only resort still offering summer snow sports and the base is in great shape for the second half of August.

ITALY: Both Passo Stelvio (25 - 147 cm; 6 lifts turning) and Cervinia (155 cm; 15 lifts spinning) are open for skiing and snowboarding in the country. The snow base is stable and one can have some good fun for the summer season.
The resort of Val Senales is also expected to join them during the coming weeks.

SCANDINAVIA (NORWAY, FINLAND & SWEDEN): Most of our featured Scandinavian resorts are now closed for skiing and snowboarding.
However, both Norwegian ski destinations of Galdhøppigen Sommerskisenter (20 - 50 cm; 1 lift) and Fonna Glacier Ski Resort are currently providing with summer snow sports.

SCOTLAND: No resorts are currently open Scotland for snow sports.

GERMANY: All German resorts we report on are closed.
However, the following indoor skiing areas are offering snowsports:
Snow Dome Bispingen at Lueneburg Heath;
Bottrop (alpincenter) at Ruhr area;
Wittenburg (alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg) - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern;
Neuss - Jever Fun Ski Hall

ANDORRA: The Andorran ski season will continue with winter 2017/2018.

AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND: Still good conditions for snow sports are available at the ski resorts in both countries that remain open for summer skiing and snowboarding. More resorts will reopen for their summer ski season next month.


Popular Events Across The European Countries in 2017

Europe is a great continent with countries having very different peoples and cultures. If there are countries with scenic beauty, there are countries with rich cultural past. The continent witnesses various cultural, sporting, literary, and even food and wine festivals that attract people not just from Europe but all parts of the world. This article tries to inform readers about some of these festivals to make them aware of unique traditions and customs as also to allow tourists to make their plans of vacations accordingly. Summer is the time to be in Europe. People celebrate the weather as much as they celebrate different events and festivals. There is spring in the steps and smiles on the faces of the people with weather cheering up and sun showing its face for the time being,

La Tomatino in Valencia / Buñol, Spain (August, 2017)
This festival is full of fun and frolic and involves people throwing tomatoes on each other. Approximately 150 000 tomatoes get consumed as people not just crush them but also throw them on each other dancing to music on the streets of Valencia. This annual festival is so popular that people from all parts of the world arrive in Spain to be a part of this tomato madness.

Salzburg Music Festival in Austria (Jul - Aug, 2017)
Austria is the birthplace of the greatest musician of all time, Mozart. And this classical music festival that celebrates western music, especially the works of Mozart is the place to be if you are a lover of classical music.

Wife carrying championship in Finland (July, 2017)
Do you love your wife? Then come to Sonkajarvi which is a small city in Finland where couples gather in an annual championship in July every year. Husbands prove their love for their wives as they carry them around on their shoulders on different surfaces like sand, asphalt, and grass. Huge crowds gather to cheer these husbands. The prize to reach the finish line first is beer equal in weight to the weight of the wife.

Christopher Street Day in Germany (July 2017)
Between 6 and 8 of July, gays, lesbians and Trans gender people will gather to celebrate the rights of these categories of people with much fanfare in a huge parade. Though these celebrations take place all over Germany, Cologne, Munich, and Berlin are the cities where the celebrations are more pronounced. Dancers wearing colorful costumes are the major attractions in these parades.

Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland (August 2017)
Every year for three weeks in August, the Scottish capital Edinburgh comes alive as artists from all parts of the world assemble in the city to showcase their talent. Lovers of performing art head to Edinburgh where the Edinburgh castle becomes the epicenter of all activities.

Oktoberfest in Germany (September 2017)
This is a festival that is held all over Germany in the first week of October though the major emphasis is in cities like Munich and Berlin. People who love drinking beer come to Germany to have a taste of different varieties of German beers. 7 million liters of beer gets consumed in a week which is a testimony to the popularity of the festival. There are fairs having rides for kids and people make merry dancing, eating beef, and drinking beer all night long for a week.

Running Bulls, Pamplona (July 2017)
This is locally known as the festival of San Fermin and is held in Pamplona, Spain every year in the month of July. Dozens of bulls chase fighters over a length of 800 meters watched by thousands of vociferous spectators that arrive in the city from different parts of the world.

Bastille Day in Paris, France (July 2017)
Bastille Day, as it is known in other countries, is the National day of France and is celebrated with much zeal and fervor on July 14 every year. Champ Elysees becomes the venue of the military parade during daytime while grand fireworks take place in evenings.

Sziget festival Budapest (August 2017)
This is the largest cultural and musical festivals of Hungary. Nearly a thousand performances by different artists are expected to be held during August 6 to August 13, 2017. Major rock bands from around the world rake pride in being a part of this rock festival that is attended by hundreds of thousands of music lovers from around the world.

Notting Hill Carnival (August 2017)
This is the biggest street carnival in Europe that takes place every year on August Bank holiday in West London where a 20 mile stretch can be seen full of party revelers wearing colorful costumes parading and dancing to the tunes of loud music in true Caribbean style. Starting way back in 1966 by the black community, the carnival today attracts thousands from across the world to London to be a part of merry making in the Caribbean style.

Palio de Siena, Italy (July - August 2017)
This is a folk festival that takes place in the medieval city of Sienna in Italy every year. The fest is actually a horse race between 17 wards of city with each ward sparing no effort to make their horse win the race. Today, only 10 horses take part in the race out of 17 wards with 3 drawn through a lottery while 7 take part as a right. The horses’ backs are bare and no matter if the jockey falls down in the race as the first horse to cross the finish line with or without a jockey is declared winner.

Matchmaking festival in Ireland (August to October 2017)
It may sound archaic in times like these but the small town of Lisdoonvarna in Ireland, called spa city locally comes alive in the months of August till beginning of October as eligible farmers from all over the country gather in this town to find themselves potential life partners. Today, there is music and lots of fun along with matchmaking in this world famous festival. The population of the town which is barely one thousand swells to nearly 50000 during this festival that attracts people from many European countries.

Skiing and Snowboarding Events in European Winter Resorts 2017 / 2018

With the summer gone, people already think about the upcoming winter. Even the Winter Olympic Games are over, you can attend many events, not only as a fan of winter sports, but also as a tourist. The majority of those events take place in some beautiful cities, so a vacation here might be a relaxing method to spend free time.

Burton Red Bull Winter Festival
Burton Festival is a winter event sponsored by Red Bull, a competition that attracts hundreds of amateurs, but also fans of the winter sports. The most interesting aspect of this festival is the occasion given to the amateurs, to challenge some of the most experienced professionals of the respective sports to competitions. In other words, if you are an amateur fan of snowboarding, and you want the chance to compete with the worldwide champions of this sport, than BEO is the place to be. There are prizes of 120 000 dollars, and this makes BEO the most important snowboarding festival in the world!

Snowbombing takes place every year in April, in Mayrhofen, Austria. It is one of the most important winter festivals in Europe, as besides the variety of winter sports, people can enjoy good music, parties, and other events. It can be hard to have time for slopes during the day, as long as you dance all night long, but it seems like tourists manage it. There are accommodations available for any pocket, so the festival can be considered as a great option for tourists that are on a tight budget.

Big Snow Festival
Last year, Big Snow festival was held in Kapoinc, Serbia, and considering the fact that it was teamed up with EXIT festival, it was one of the most memorable events of the 2017 winter. This year, the festival will be moved in Arinsal, a resort situated between France and Spain, and considering the capacity of the resort, things can only get better for the fans of snowboarding, skiing and parties.

The European Youth Olympic Festival is the most important event for the rising stars of winter sports, and a great occasion for the young athletes to display their skills and talents, in a competition reserved only for them. This year, the festival takes place in Poiana Brasov, the jewel of the Romanian Winter Resorts. Poiana Brasov is a relatively new tourist destination, but it has the advantages of having small prices compared with other places in Europe.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump Festival, Oslo
If you are a fan of ski jumps, than Holmenkollen does not need any kind of presentation. It is one of the oldest winter festivals of the world, and since 1892, the festival took place every year, excepting the period of the Second World War. Today, Holmenkollen attracts more than one million tourists each year, and a large part of those tourists come here especially for this festival. It will take place at the beginning of March, and considering the popularity of this event, it is a good idea to reserve your tickets in time.

Those are only a part of the Winter Festivals in Europe, but the list could be bigger. The preferred destinations are Austria, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, but places like Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania should not be neglected, especially by winter sports fans that want to discover some new places and winter resorts.

Europe Skiing Holidays 2017 / 2018

European ski holiday spots are of various choices nowadays. France, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra and Italy were the only options for ski holidays few years ago. Now there are numerous choices available. The places having snow will have ski points. There are numerous choices for resorts available at Europe; the skier can choose his or her choice according to the spot or his boarding ability. Ski chalets are the most popular type of accommodation, European resorts accommodation standard is usually very high. The popularity of countries like Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia has increased nowadays. Alpine ski areas are alternated now by these countries. In case of a skiing holiday Europeans have skewed priorities in case of skiing holidays nowadays. Choice of food is very important, ski and snowboarding is the third priority. The skiing spot makes Europe a very great destination. Apart from snowboarding there is also a good chance to take in some incredible European culture, animated nightlife and take the wonderful food. Though there are numerous ski options found in Europe. The Alps is the most popular, it spans the Mediterranean coast in France through Northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland and into Slovenia. Endless runs are offered by skiing in Europe on a huge vertical. Cable cars help in admiring the spectacular scenery of the giant mountains from the slopes. Skiing from village to a village and country to a country is made common. The quaint old-world villages offer opportunities for a hot cocoa chocolate, beer or wine. An essential part is the long lunches and good food in this culture. It is good to shop around for good deals. The packages are offered in many companies at a different rate, at times more cheap than the others. We should not forget to ask for ski passes inclusion in the package since some passes may be expensive.
Skiing is considered being a famous sport and recreation comes with a package of delight for the Europeans. Their prime interest is food, then après which refer to socializing after skiing and then only comes actual skiing. The availability of all the above three makes Europe undoubtedly the best location for skiing also known as snowboarding. Europe has abundant ski options among which The Alps is preferred the most. It runs through the western coast of France into Switzerland then covering parts of Italy on the north, Austria and finally at Slovenia. The mountains are majestic and offer an endless run on the vertical. The marvelous scenery can be looked at with pleasure from the slopes. Skiing from one village to the other is common and is sometimes across countries in some places. The antique villages provide chance to take in some incredible European culture, experience the joy of après and the delightful nightlife, and eat delicious food. In the Alps, it is custom that skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day still wearing their ski gear. The French habitants in the mountain regions are very friendly, that increases pleasure to the adventurous experience. Massive terrains with steep slopes are found in Chamonix were lies the highest peak of European continent, The Mont Blanc. But in Switzerland, it is mostly about the socializing with people. There are flairs and mountain views with serene villages. The après is not much entertained in Switzerland, but not to worry there’s still nightlife. In Italy the time spent is more on wine and food, but it also adds to the great slopes. Their culture is kind which provides harmony. Austria is the birth place of alpine skiing and it is being practiced to perfection. It offers pleasant holidays which are set as benchmark for all other countries.

European Trips & Tours 2017

Tour to Europe: A Memorable Travel Sojourn

Browse great European City Breaks and holidays. Check the pricing and book online.
Spending holidays in Europe was once considered to be not only a way of perfect enjoyment but also of revisiting history. For most westerners, the world consists of Europe and North America and to a small extent their colonies. That the globe consists of 5 continents is either not known or ignored. True, Europe, apart from being highly industrialized and prosperous is dotted with hundreds of places of historical and mythological interest. It is therefore no wonder that even though there are more attractive places for tourists in the countries of Asia and Africa, Europe has a special attraction. Strangely, this is the case with most Asians and Africans also.
European countries without exception see to it that all their places of tourist interest are well maintained and provided with infrastructure, like accessibility, good hotels, efficient transport system and professional guides. But, it is a very costly endeavor and an average person can visit and spend at best a few days at 3 or 4 select places in one or two countries. Budget tours are possible but they are also quite expensive and become quite crowded. The introduction of Euro seems to have had an adverse effect on the real value of the currencies of different countries.
Tourists generally have two or three types of destination while going on a holiday tour in Europe. The most favored time is between spring and winter, but it will be the most expensive. The less expensive period of winter is more suitable for people who enjoy winter sports and can spend time at ski resorts in the mountains of Europe. The second types of tourist would like to visit cities and see places of historical interest and museum, art galleries. The more sophisticated will opt for enjoying the theatre, music, concerts, and Phil Harmonic Orchestras. As an example, prominent places in a place like London are, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, and Hyde Park etc. People visiting Spain and Portugal may like to see bull fight. Similarly Eiffel Tower in Paris is a great attraction for tourists. Elaborate tourist literature from all countries is available and you can plan your holiday tour according to your budget.
Advance planning is essential for any holiday planned in Europe. Booking all air tickets and also buying a Eurail Pass will greatly reduce worries regarding travel. Advance booking of air tickets will also save a lot of money. One good feature of all European tourist centers is that they all have very good economy hotels providing you with clean and safe stay and good food which is not very costly. However, everything should be well planned in advance. It is learnt that in some resorts you can cook your food avoiding expensive foods from outside.
After formation of the European Union in which most European countries have common visa called Schengen Visa. This visa enables you to travel within all the countries of Europe without being stopped at the border posts, and is valid, whatever be the mode of your travel. Schengen application is available on line and can be submitted to nearest embassy of any European Union country along with the requisite fee and documents. This process takes at least 3 months, therefore planning well ahead for European holiday tour is essential.

Pictures From Europe 2017

The Alps European Nature
The Beatiful European Nature - The Alps

European Parks
City Parks in Europe during the Winter

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